How to Pick a Luxury Leather Sofa in Singapore

Are you yearning for that flawless finishing touch to complete your home’s decor? Look no further than the sophisticated world of leather sofas. 

High-end leather sofas are meticulously hand-crafted with the finest materials and utmost attention to intricate details. These masterpieces are designed to make a captivating statement in any room, and are often considered the epitome of opulence. 

From practical use to harmonising the sofa’s design with the rest of your home’s layout, there are many considerations to ponder when deciding to purchase a leather sofa, so we’ve gathered our most informed tips to help you. In this article, we’ll explore every aspect you need to consider to find a luxury leather sofa in Singapore.

Usage and Purpose of Your Sofa

There are many different purposes for the selection of a specific type of sofa. Let’s look at some of them. 

Comfort and Relaxation

One reason you may be seeking the perfect luxury sofa is for comfort and relaxation. Luxury sofas are built with only the finest of materials, perfect for resting after a long day. 

Many high-quality sofas in Singapore also tend to be more ergonomic than cheaper pieces, so their overall design offers greater comfort in terms of support in their cushions, armrests, and backrests. 

Consider the features you’re most interested in for a comfy couch, such as reclining mechanisms or headrests for extra support. The type of materials used will also be important to consider before purchasing, as you may want softer materials, for example. 

Socializing and Entertaining

If you tend to host many social gatherings in your Singaporean home, you may be looking for a luxury sofa for some new seating options. These pieces can help create inviting spaces for entertaining guests, whether you’re hosting a party or inviting over some loved ones for dinner. 

The size of the sofa you purchase will be an important consideration in this case, as larger sofas offer more seating for your guests. 

Those of you who like to throw large, extravagant parties may want to buy larger sofas, such as sectionals, to seat as many people comfortably as possible. 

Enhancing Aesthetics

Finally, you may be looking for a luxury sofa as they can help enhance your home’s aesthetics. These top-of-the-line sofas are available in many custom options including different styles, colours, and materials, so you can find one that complements your home well. 

Premium finishes, ornate carvings, and other decorative elements can help elevate your living space’s visual appeal. This can make your home appear much more impressive to guests while also creating a cohesive and pleasing environment for you. 

Detailed pieces in sofas can increase its price, so be sure of your choices before making a purchase

Determining the Cost

As you embark on your quest for the perfect luxury leather sofa in Singapore, it’s important to consider how much your sofa will cost. A piece of this quality isn’t cheap, but certain details can cost more than others. 

For one, the type of leather you choose can increase the overall cost of the sofa. For example, full-grain leather is the highest quality leather out there, which means it is also the most expensive. This leather has a unique, authentic appearance, and it can range anywhere between thousands to beyond tens of thousands of dollars, depending on quality and brand. 

Your sofa’s construction will also determine how expensive the total cost is. Sturdier frames made from materials like hardwood or metal will keep your sofa durable, but also raise the cost. 

Your sofa may also have more detailed features such as eight-way hand-tied springs, kiln-dried frames, or reinforced corners, which are more expensive due to the level of attention and craftsmanship involved. 

Finally, the specific design of your sofa can raise the cost, as intricate stitching patterns, tufted cushions, and other decorative accents can be expensive. The more elaborate your piece is, the more expensive it will be.

However, these details are what will make your luxury sofa unique from the rest, especially compared to other sofas in Singapore, so this attention to detail will not go unnoticed. 

Taking these details into consideration can mean your sofa can cost anywhere between S$20,000 to S$80,000. However, you won’t be able to find this type of elegant craftsmanship anywhere else. 

Determine Your Preferred Size and Style

Once you’ve picked your favourite leather, it’s time to decide what size and style of leather sofa you want. The size and style you pick depends on several factors.

Size of Your Living Space

The first thing you need to consider before choosing a sofa size is the size of your living space. A luxury leather sofa that’s too large for your room can create a cramped feeling, while a small sofa in a large room can appear underwhelming. 

Take measurements of your room and ensure the sofa you choose fits well and allows for comfortable movement around the room.

Your Lifestyle

Next, think about your lifestyle. If you entertain guests frequently, a sectional or L-shaped sofa may be a perfect choice, as it provides more seating. If you prefer a more intimate setting, a loveseat or a two-seater sofa may be a better fit for you.

Your lifestyle impacts the type of sofa that you will enjoy more

Existing Decour and Style

When choosing the style of your luxury leather sofa, consider your existing decour. A luxury leather sofa should complement your current design scheme. 

If you prefer a modern aesthetic, look for a sleek and minimalist design, while a traditional style may feature more detailed carving and embellishments. 

Consider the type of home you have. Those living in Good Class Bungalows, for example, may want a more exotic-looking sofa to fit their aesthetic. 

You should also consider if you want this sofa to be a statement piece in the room it will be placed in. If so, you may want to find a more custom or exclusive leather sofa that cannot be found in many other places. 

Handcrafted pieces are high-quality and are created with the utmost craftsmanship, which you can’t find in ordinary couches. The more uniquely-designed your furniture is, the grander of a statement it will make.

Customisation Options

Finally, you need to consider any customisation you want in your leather sofa so it’s perfect for your home. While customisation options tend to rely on guidelines from the manufacturer or retailer, many high-end retailers offer some level of customisation for your furniture choices. 

Some of the most common customisation options you may encounter include:

  • Leather type
  • Colour 
  • Finish
  • Size
  • Configuration
  • Reclining options
  • Cushioning types
  • Tufting patterns
  • Built-in features such as USB ports or lighting
  • Additional accessories such as decorative throw pillows

Be sure to consider all of your preferences and needs when adding available customisations options so you can make sure your luxury sofa is up to your standards. 

Picking the right leather material is important when making your selection

How to Pick the Right Leather

Types of Leather

Before selecting a sofa, you’ll have to explore the various types of leather luxury brands use, such as full-grain, top-grain, and aniline leather. Each type possesses unique characteristics that can affect its feel, appearance, and durability. 

For example, some people may be particular about the texture of the leather they choose. Different leather types can have different textures ranging from smooth to grainy to velvety. If you aren’t familiar with these differences, you should check out some leather sofas near you to feel these distinctions. 

Others may be more concerned about the appearance of the leather and how it ages. Different leather ages in different ways, so be sure to research some before and after photos of leather types after so many years. 

Take plenty of time to research and explore each type to determine which one aligns with your personal style and preferences.

Leather Colours

When selecting the colour of your leather, consider the ambiance you want to create in your living space. Leather comes in a vast range of colours, from natural earthy tones to bold and vibrant hues such as red or green. 

Those wanting a more neutral sofa can opt for more common colors such as black, brown, and white. These colors tend to blend naturally with lots of other types of furniture, so you’ll likely be safe choosing one of these. 

If you’re looking for something more bold, you can choose colors such as red, blue, or even orange. Red is a passionate color that will be sure to make a statement, while blue may add a sense of ease to your living room’s atmosphere. Orange is a bit less common, but is a great option for those wanting a splash of color in a bright room. 

Be sure to choose a colour that complements your interior design scheme and adds a touch of refinement and elegance to your living area.

Leather Finish

The finish of the leather also plays a critical role in the overall look and feel of the sofa. Whether smooth or textured, matte or shiny, the possibilities are limitless. 

One of the most common finishes you may encounter is aniline finish, which is a transparent dye that allows the leather’s natural grain, color, and character shine through. This finish keeps the leather looking soft, natural, and supple, though it may be more prone to staining.

Another type of finish is nubuck finish, in which the leather is buffed or sanded to create a velvety texture similar to suede. Nubuck leather is one of the softest and coziest leather types, but is also more prone to stains and marks. 

Glossy finish, however, means the leather was treated with a high-gloss lacquer that gives the leather a shiny, reflective coating. This gives any sofa a sleek, contemporary look perfect for modern living room designs. 

You should ultimately pick a finish that you are willing to upkeep in terms of cleaning and caring for your leather sofa, too. 

Keep in mind that Singapore can get hot and humid, so you’ll want to pick a finish that is easy to clean and able to withstand such temperatures if you tend to keep your home on the warmer side. Smoother finishes tend to be best for this climate.

Testing and Showroom Visit

As a discerning buyer of luxury leather sofas, it’s crucial to ensure that your investment not only looks good, but also feels good. You should always test out a leather sofa yourself to make sure the comfort is up to your standards. 

Make sure you sit on the sofa and take your time to get a feel for it. Experiment with different positions, such as lounging or sitting upright, to determine if it’s comfortable for your body type and seating preferences.

You should also check the cushions of the sofa. Be sure that the cushions are supportive under your body and provide enough resistance to maintain their shape over time. The amount that you sink into the cushions should also be comfortable enough for you, whether you prefer softer cushions or firmer ones. 

The armrests and backrests of a luxury leather sofa should provide support and comfort for your body. Test the armrests to ensure they’re at the right height and have enough padding to keep your arms comfortable. Then, lean back and see if the backrest is at the right angle for supporting your upper body comfortably. 

Don’t forget to touch and feel the leather before making your final decision. Showroom visits to experience the texture and comfort of the leather is essential in determining if it meets your exacting standards and if it is pleasing to your senses. 

If you’re unsure about what leather type to choose, seek guidance from renown sofa manufacturer or a leather expert in your area of Singapore. Their knowledge and expertise can guide you in selecting a leather type that meets your discerning preferences, lifestyle, and budget.

Always take your time when testing the comfort of the luxury leather sofa. Don’t rush the process, and test the sofa from different angles and positions to ensure that it’s comfortable for your seating preferences.

Check for Imperfections

Since you’re investing a large amount of money into your luxury sofa, you should always make sure you check it for imperfections, as you only want to spend money on furniture meeting high-quality standards

Start by inspecting the leather closely. Run your hands over the surface to feel its texture. Note that high-quality leather tends to be rougher or bumpier than fake leather, so don’t be surprised by small inconsistencies in the material. This simply means the material is all-natural. 

Be sure to check for any scratches, cuts, or other signs of wear and tear. If the colour of the leather is uneven, this could indicate fading from sunlight over time. 

Then, examine the stitching on the sofa. High-quality luxury leather sofas should have straight, even, and tight stitching. Loose or uneven stitching can indicate poor quality craftsmanship, and can run you into problems if it eventually unravels.

High-quality leather should also not stretch excessively over time. Press down on the seat and back of the sofa to check for any excessive stretching or sagging. If it sags significantly, this may be a sign of poor leather quality or a short lifespan for that sofa. 

Finally, the frame of the sofa should be sturdy and well-constructed. Check the corners and joints of the frame to ensure they’re secure and properly joined. A sturdy frame will help your sofa maintain its shape over time.

If the sofa meets all of these standards, you know you’re making the right decision. 

Go for Delivery and Installation

Opting for delivery and installation services for your luxury leather sofa is a smart investment that can provide you with peace of mind, save you time and effort, and ensure that your new sofa is set up correctly for your enjoyment.

By opting for delivery and installation services, you can rest assured that your luxury leather sofa will be safely transported and installed in your luxury home in Singapore without any damage or hassle. 

Professional movers have the necessary expertise and tools to ensure that your sofa is delivered to your home in pristine condition, without you having to lift a finger.

Installation services will also ensure that your new luxury leather sofa is set up correctly and functioning as it should. Professionals can assemble and arrange the sofa to your desired specifications, allowing you to enjoy your new piece of furniture without any inconvenience.


Choosing the perfect luxury leather sofa in Singapore is a careful process that involves several key considerations. 

From determining your budget to selecting your favourite leather type, colour, and finish, to testing for comfort and imperfections, every detail counts when it comes to making a wise investment in a high-quality and long-lasting piece of furniture.

By following these expert tips, you’ll be able to select the perfect leather type for your luxury leather sofa in Singapore, and elevate your living space to an entirely new level of opulence and sophistication.