What Sets Nicoline Apart?

Nicoline is your number-one source of luxury furniture in Singapore. As an esteemed brand in the world of luxury furniture, Nicoline prides itself on maintaining high standards across the board. From superior raw materials to meticulous manufacturing, Nicoline guarantees a final product that is the perfect blend of quality and style.

Nicoline produces only the highest quality furniture for Singaporean consumers. From luxury leather sofas to stylish coffee tables, there’s no shortage of selections to choose from.

What is the Production Process Like?

Nicoline takes designer furniture seriously. Every detail is carefully taken into consideration, from material to stitching. Nicoline’s handcrafted furniture is simply unlike the rest, providing you with a level of indulgence you won’t get anywhere else in Singapore.

From concept to prototype to final engineering, Nicoline knows how to set designer ideas into motion. Every product reflects a sober, elegant, timeless identity, the result of Italian artisan savoir-faire and immaculate attention to detail.

Nicoline’s authenticity lies in its organisational structure and technological equipment implemented over the years. They hand-select high-quality raw materials, caring for them gently from attainment to use.

Between full-grain leather, marble, and hardwoods, Nicoline’s furniture is produced of only the best. From the frame to the sofa legs, the chosen certified materials are designed for longevity. They’re not only durable, but also provide an elegant look and are pleasing to the senses.

Everything Made in Italy

Nicoline’s story is built on passions and ambitions, characterised by the desire to distinguish themselves from the rest. With every piece of furniture produced, their goal is to create quality and innovation. The unique style of Italian-made furniture is a result of rich exchange between expert parties, always striving to improve the process.

All processing steps are performed in-house for a fully authentic product. Nicoline’s team consists of experts in all fields of the production process, yearning for each piece to be even better than the last. They are some of the most ambitious and highly sought-after professionals in the industry.

Nicoline perfectly fuses tradition with innovation. The artisan touch creates a product with sensitivity and emotion, though it was born from modern technologies, providing industrial precision.

With this knowledge, Nicoline Asia has produced three categories of luxury Italian furniture:
– Sofas, handmade with luxurious materials like leather and velvet,
– Armchairs, crafted with the highest quality upholstery,
– Coffee Tables, composed of sophisticated materials like hardwood and marble.

Each piece of furniture offers its own delight, perfect for any individual aesthetic. Each can be observed here on this page for a closer look at the details.

Visit Nicoline’s Showroom

Showroom Video Thumbnail

Nicoline’s Singapore showroom is nearly 400 square feet of gorgeous Italian furniture waiting to be cherished. With a focus on classic contemporary style, the showroom gives you the sensation of feeling at home. Visiting this esteemed showroom gives you the opportunity to experience the luxury and delight of Nicoline furniture in a comfortable environment.

Once you select the furniture you desire, you will be directed to the Atelier, Nicoline’s meeting room. Here, you will be presented with catalogues and a material library showcasing a vast choice of leathers and fabrics to choose from. These options allow you to choose the perfect luxury furniture you desire in your living space.

Once your purchase has been made, your furniture will be delivered and installed on your scheduled date and time. Then, you can lounge your days away in the comfort and delight of your new furniture.
For more information, reach out via this enquiry form.