Paolo Colzani – Director at Nicoline Asia, Singapore

Paolo Colzani, director at Nicoline Asia

Highlights about Paolo Colzani

  • Vast Experience in Fine-Dining and Interior Design: Leveraged skills from Michelin-starred culinary beginnings to excel in sophisticated interior design.
  • Featured Expertise: Noted for unique insights in Tatler Asia and guest speaker at National Design Centre.
  • Commitment to Personalization and Excellence: Dedication to creating bespoke, sophisticated living spaces tailored to individual client needs.


Paolo Colzani, Director at Nicoline Asia’s Singapore showroom, brings a unique blend of culinary finesse and design sophistication to the world of luxury Italian furniture. His journey, beginning in esteemed Michelin-starred restaurants, under the mentorship of Gualtiero Marchesi, instilled in him a relentless pursuit of excellence and attention to detail. These principles now define his approach to interior design, especially in curating and recommending furniture that embodies bold creativity, minimalistic elegance, and enduring sophistication.

Paolo’s expertise lies in handpicking a selection of sofas and products that resonate with trends, sustainability, and local suitability. His ability to seamlessly blend modular pieces from various designs, ensuring a harmonious interplay of contrast, enables clients to create living spaces that are not just functional but are true expressions of artistry. His emphasis on reasonable pricing, product transparency, prompt service, and after-sales care underscores his commitment to client satisfaction.

Beyond his professional endeavors, Paolo has a variety of interests that keep him engaged and fulfilled. One of his favorite pastimes is immersing himself in the world of books, where he can explore different perspectives and stories. Listening to music is another activity that brings him joy, as it has a way of elevating his mood and sparking creativity. Fishing with his children is a cherished activity for him; it’s not just about the catch, but about the quality time they spend together, creating memories. He also has a keen interest in the arts, which leads him to frequently visit art museums, where he can appreciate the beauty and complexity of different artworks. Additionally, he’s an avid follower of motorsports, particularly Formula One and MotoGP, where the thrill of speed and competition always keeps him on the edge of his seat.

Education & Background

Paolo’s foundation in the high standards of fine-dining, under the direct mentorship of Gualtiero Marchesi, has been pivotal in shaping his career. His expertise in art and design was largely self-taught, cultivated through a deep personal interest and decades of dedicated self-study. Additionally, his professional career afforded him the opportunity to interact with experts in various fields, allowing him to enrich his understanding and skills through the insights and advice of these experts.

Upcoming Projects

Currently, Paolo is focused on expanding the Nicoline Asia showroom in Singapore. This expansion aims to showcase a broader range of furniture, providing more comprehensive solutions to meet the diverse needs and preferences of his clients. Stay tuned for this exciting development!

Paolo Colzani’s journey from the precision of fine dining to the artistry of interior design marks him as a unique figure in the world of luxury furniture. His dedication to creating personalized, sophisticated spaces, coupled with his commitment to client satisfaction, makes him a trusted name in the industry. As he continues to push boundaries and expand his showroom, his passion for excellence remains the guiding force in his illustrious career.