How to Make Your Home Look Like a Luxury Hotel Lobby

Many wealthy homeowners want their homes to feel grand and inviting, both for guests and themselves. One way to create this extravagant environment is by designing your home to resemble a luxury hotel lobby. 

Creating an atmosphere similar to a gorgeous hotel lobby ensures that you always lounge in style and live like royalty. Below are some ways that you can create a lavish retreat by taking some tips from high-class hotels. 

Quality Above All Else

The first way that you can make your home look and feel like a grand hotel lobby is by investing in some one-of-a-kind furniture. High-quality furniture is made with the finest of materials and fabric, making these indulgent pieces distinct from average ones. 

Handcrafted pieces often have attention to details like tufting, hand-stitching, and design that ordinary furniture doesn’t. There’s a high level of skilled craftsmanship that goes into luxury furniture, such as Italian-made furniture, and that will easily translate into your home. 

Plus, hand-stitched furniture also tends to be more stylish and elegant than other pieces. You’ll likely find pieces with unique colours and designs, as well as lavish, long-lasting materials like leather, velvet, and solid wood. Having unique pieces you can’t find anywhere else is an essential step toward creating the elegant hotel-inspired home of your dreams. 

Hand-stitched furniture like sofas are unique pieces are a step into luxury

Focus on the Entrance

The grandest part of a hotel lobby is its entrance. If you want to make your home feel like an extravagant hotel, you need to also have a grand entrance. 

Consider adding a statement piece to your entrance to draw people’s attention. A chandelier over the entrance will add bright lighting to the area and also add a touch of elegance to it, for example. Or, you could put a large custom-made painting or mirror in front of the door as the first thing you see when you enter your home. 

You’ll also want to make sure the entrance is clean and organised well, so it feels as large as possible. Hardwood floors are ideal for this, but well-placed, exclusive decor can easily fix a plush, carpeted entrance. 

Use Statement Pieces

Your entrance isn’t the only space in your home that can use a statement piece. In fact, making your home feel like a splendid hotel lobby means dedicating money and energy to each and every room of your home. This includes using statement pieces in each. 

While large lighting fixtures and art pieces make excellent statement pieces, lounging areas of your home can use sophisticated furniture like custom-shaped sofas and plush, oversized chairs as statement pieces. 

For example, you may want to consider eye-catching pieces such as leather sofas and suede ottomans as statement pieces in your lounging areas. Pieces like these can keep your space akin to a high-class hotel by keeping it stylish and comfortable. 

Create Multipurpose Living Spaces

One thing that is special about luxury hotel lobbies is that they have multiple purposes. These spaces are typically used for check-in and check-out, but also socialising, business interactions, and sometimes even eating and drinking fine foods. Making your home look like a magazine-worthy hotel lobby means making your spaces multifunctional for both business and play. 

Consider using eye-catching furniture that has several purposes, such as a hand-sewn plush ottoman that can be used for both lounging and storing away your fine goods. 

Other options include plush sofa beds, leather reclining seating, and foldable wooden tables. The more you can do with a single piece of furniture, the more value it has. 

If you can see yourself both closing a business deal on your laptop and watching a Hollywood film on the vintage leather sofa in the room you’ve designed, you’re on the right track. 

vintage leather sofas are a great deal of comfort and style, with multiple possible uses

Consider Your Lighting

Lighting is an essential element in creating the ambiance of a space, and it can play a significant role in making your home feel like a grand hotel. 

Expensive hotel lobbies often have multiple sources of light, including overhead lighting, table lamps, and floor lamps. You can achieve a similar effect in your home by layering your lighting. This means using a combination of ambient and accent lighting to create a variety of moods and focal points.

Keep in mind that the bigger the lighting pieces, the more extravagant your home will appear. Not only will you have more light, but you’ll also have an impressive work of art illuminating your space. Real crystal chandeliers, for example, can offer a level of sparkle and elegance that can’t be brought by ordinary overhead lights. 

You’ll also want to use natural light as much as possible. Arrange your furniture so natural lighting from your windows cascades nicely over them. Sheer curtains can help let in natural light as well, and can make your living spaces look right out of a classy magazine.

If you don’t have many windows, warm-toned lighting, such as soft white or warm white, creates a cosy and inviting atmosphere to make you feel like checking in and never checking out. You can use warm-toned bulbs in your lamps, chandeliers, and sconces to create the welcoming ambiance of a gleaming hotel lounge right in your home.

Accessorise with Art and Decor

Art and accessories can play a significant role in creating the ambiance of a space, and high-end hotels certainly know this. This means you can also use exclusive art pieces to make your home feel more luxurious. 

Consider choosing large-scale artwork as it can create a sense of sophistication, similar to what you might see in a hotel lobby. You’ll want to look for pieces that are bold and impactful, and that complement the colour scheme and style of your home. Vases, sculptures, and decorative boxes are excellent choices for any space size. 

You could also create a gallery wall as an excellent way to display multiple pieces of art and create a curated look. A mix of framed artwork, photographs, and other decorative objects can be carefully arranged to add charm and visual appeal to your home. Think of it as a rare mini-museum ready to be perused by your guest’s curious eyes. 

If your space is small, adding mirrors to your home can make your space feel more grand and spacious. You can hang a large mirror in your living room to create a sense of grandeur, or use smaller mirrors to reflect light and add sparkle to a room.

Finally, layering textiles such as throw pillows, blankets, and rugs across your living room can create a cosy and inviting atmosphere. Look for fine, expensive materials such as silk, velvet, or wool to add a splash of contrast to the surrounding furniture. 

How to Make Your Home Look Like a Luxury Hotel Lobby. Lavish decoration is matched by tasteful contrast with beautifully simple lounges

Don’t Compromise on Comfort

Luxurious hotels prioritise comfort, and handcrafted furniture can do the same for your home. While your goal is to make your home appear as impressive as possible, you shouldn’t have to compromise on your comfort. After all, what’s luxury if you can’t relax?

Investing in comfortable, supportive furniture like plush sofas, lounge chairs, and ottomans can create a cosy and relaxing environment in your impressive living space. This ensures that you and your guests remain comfortable in your home, no matter how long you decide to chat into the night. 

You can also make your seating more comfortable by adding extra beaded pillows or embroidered cushions, which can add to the overall style of the piece. Consider cushions made of superior materials like velvet or suede to make your furniture both comfortable and attractive. 

The softer the material and the thicker the plushness of the cushion, the more comfortable it will be, so try to avoid thin, flat pillows or pillows with too many beads or jewels on them. While you may want a few decorative throw pillows, you want the majority of your furniture to remain fully functional for your enjoyment. 


There are lots of award-winning hotel lobby designs out there, but only you can decide which is best fitted for your home. By using the above tips, you can create a grand and luxurious atmosphere perfect for the finest of your guests. 

Remember that investing in handcrafted, sophisticated furniture is the first step toward making your home look and feel like the most high-class lobby you’ve ever set foot in. 

After incorporating some other fine elements such as exclusive artwork and accessories made of only the finest materials, your home will feel as luxurious as ever.